A new state-of-the-art £12.3 million medical centre in Walsall has now opened its doors to patients. The new medical centre brings together four existing GP practices into one modern, purpose built facility. Treatment rooms, consulting rooms and meeting rooms are all included in the new facility, offering a greater variety of services to its 27,000 patients, reducing waiting times and providing access to medical specialists.

Tier Consult Group, a key player in healthcare development, is proud to announce the successful completion and opening of the cutting-edge £12.3 million medical center in Walsall.

Our strategic involvement facilitated the consolidation of four existing GP practices into a modern, purpose-built facility.

The facility, made possible through the collaborative efforts of Tier Consult Group, incorporates state-of-the-art treatment rooms, consulting rooms, and meeting spaces. These meticulously designed spaces are aimed at providing a comprehensive range of services to the 27,000 patients served by the medical center.

 These spaces are tailored to meet the needs of healthcare professionals, creating an environment conducive to thorough examinations and consultations. By providing well-equipped facilities, Tier Consult Group aims to empower healthcare practitioners to deliver top-notch services and contribute to the overall efficiency of the medical practices housed within the facility.

The incorporation of meeting rooms within the medical center further underscores our commitment to collaboration and ongoing professional development. These meeting spaces serve as hubs for interdisciplinary discussions, knowledge exchange, and the coordination of care plans.

In summary, the successful completion and opening of the £12.3 million medical center in Walsall, made possible through Tier Consult Group's dedicated efforts, marks a significant advancement in healthcare infrastructure. The consolidation of GP practices, integration of modern facilities and emphasis on efficiency and collaboration.

Client Purple Platypus

Architect Gould Singleton Architects

Contractor Speller Metcalfe

Value £12,300,000