Civil / Structural Engineering

Tier Consult Group excels in providing comprehensive Civil and Structural Engineering Services that encompass a diverse array of materials. Utilising cutting-edge and versatile software, combined with our extensive experience in the field, we deliver efficient and cost-effective designs that align seamlessly with the project's delivery schedule.

In the realm of Civil Engineering, we adeptly handle various aspects such as site development, drainage systems, road and transportation infrastructure, water supply systems and more. Our proficient team ensures that the designs not only meet the project requirements but also adhere to safety regulations and environmental considerations. We optimise designs to enhance functionality, durability and sustainability while focusing on resource efficiency.

On the Structural Engineering front, we are experts in designing structures that stand the test of time. Our proficiency spans across buildings, industrial facilities and other structures. By leveraging advanced software and our wealth of experience, we create robust structural designs that prioritise safety, functionality and aesthetic appeal. Our designs are meticulously crafted to withstand various environmental and loading conditions, ensuring a secure and long-lasting structure.

Tier Consult Group provides both Civil and Structural Engineering Services, incorporating a range of different materials using the most up-to-date and versatile software together with vast experience, enabling the production of efficient and cost-effective designs which are commensurate with the delivery programme.

Public Health & Sustainable Drainage

Tier Consult Group boasts extensive expertise in the domains of foul and surface water drainage design, showcasing a rich history of successful projects. Our proficiency extends to in-depth knowledge and specialisation in Flood Risk Assessments and Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS).

In the realm of foul and surface water drainage design, we meticulously plan and engineer drainage systems to efficiently manage both wastewater and rainwater. Our designs prioritise optimal functionality while adhering to regulatory requirements and industry best practices. By leveraging cutting-edge software and staying abreast of local and national legislation, we ensure that our drainage designs are compliant, sustainable and tailored to the specific needs of each project.

When it comes to Flood Risk Assessments, our skilled team employs a comprehensive approach to evaluate potential flood risks associated with a project. We assess the likelihood and impact of flooding, enabling us to devise effective mitigation strategies to minimise risks and protect infrastructure and communities. Through a thorough understanding of flood dynamics and utilising advanced tools, we provide insightful assessments that inform resilient design decisions.

Tier Consult Group has a wide range of experience in foul and surface water drainage design and has a high level of expertise both in Flood Risk Assessments and Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems. Utilising the most up-to-date software and understanding of the local and national legislation, Tier Consult Group is able to deliver comprehensive and cost-effective designs from the planning stage through to construction delivery.

Property Surveys

Tier Consult Group offers a broad spectrum of property survey services for both commercial and residential properties. Our comprehensive surveys include structural and condition assessments, timber and asbestos surveys, as well as specialised Anthrax and Lead Paint Surveys for properties undergoing refurbishment. These surveys provide clients with detailed insights into the property's structural integrity, overall condition and potential hazards.

The 6-year warranty on all reports adds an extra layer of assurance for clients, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the findings. With our in-house capabilities, Tier Consult Group efficiently conducts various surveys, including unique expertise in Anthrax and Lead Paint Surveys. The client-focused approach prioritises satisfaction, delivering detailed and actionable reports with practical recommendations.

By offering this range of services, we aim to be a comprehensive solution for individuals and businesses, facilitating informed decision-making for property transactions, renovations and maintenance. Our commitment to quality, in-house expertise and warranty coverage collectively ensure we can become your trusted partner in property survey solutions.

Principal Designer

At Tier Consult Group, we take pride in offering Principal Designer services that span a diverse range of projects. Our expertise is particularly pronounced in providing specialised guidance for projects involving demolition and industrial development within operational environments. This specific focus highlights our dedication to tackling intricate challenges in dynamic settings.

As part of our comprehensive service, we extend our commitment beyond project completion. We provide valuable post-completion support through the collation of operational and maintenance manuals. This ensures that our clients receive detailed guidance and documentation crucial for the ongoing management and maintenance of their projects. Our meticulous approach to compiling these manuals reflects our dedication to delivering holistic solutions that go beyond immediate project delivery.

By merging our proficiency in Principal Designer services with a targeted emphasis on providing specialised advice, Tier Consult Group stands as a dependable partner for clients navigating diverse project landscapes. Our inclusion of operational and maintenance manual collation underscores our commitment to not only achieving successful project outcomes but also equipping our clients with the essential tools and insights for sustained operational excellence.

Highway Access Design

We offer technical design pods for both Section 278 and 38 highway applications, demonstrating our adeptness in managing the processes required to secure approvals for works on the highway. We are well-versed in guiding our clients through the intricate steps from conception to approval, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

In addition to our proficiency in highway applications, we recognise the importance of Road Safety Audits. When necessary, we seamlessly integrate these audits into our services, incorporating the results back into our design process. This commitment to safety and the comprehensive integration of audit findings sets our approach apart, highlighting our dedication to delivering high-quality solutions across various highway-related projects.

At Tier Consult Group, our strength lies not only in providing technical design pods but also in navigating the nuanced approval processes with finesse. The incorporation of Road Safety Audits into our services underscores our holistic approach, ensuring that our designs not only meet regulatory standards but also prioritise the safety and well-being of all stakeholders involved in the project.

Pre-Cast Concrete Design and Development

Tier Consult Group have, for many years, been working alongside contractors to develop innovative precast concrete structural solutions, such as;
• Hybrid precast / insitu concrete ‘H’ frame car park structures
• Precast post-tensioned flat slabs
• Precast 2 storey column components
• Volumetric (factory assembled) accommodation units
• Integrated external balcony cladding panels
• CNC driven precast concrete mold production

Demolition Project Management

Tier Consult Group has project managed a number of demolition projects of various sites both in rural and City Centre settings.

Tier Consult Group carry out initial structural assessments and advise and organise surveys including asbestos and ecology.

Tier Consult Group offers advice on salvage operations and recycling materials back into the future development of the site.

Site Investigation and Remediation

Tier Consult Group, through their environmental arm, provides site investigation services, factual and interpretative ground investigation reports, together with recommendations on remediation and foundation strategy.  Refer to Tier Environmental link at the top of the page for more detailed information on the services provided.