Civil / Structural Engineering

Tier Consult Group provides both Civil and Structural Engineering Services, incorporating a range of different materials using the most up-to-date and versatile software together with vast experience, enabling the production of efficient and cost-effective designs which are commensurate with the delivery programme.

Public Health & Sustainable Drainage

Tier Consult Group has a wide range of experience in foul and surface water drainage design and has a high level of expertise both in Flood Risk Assessments and Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems.

Utilising the most up-to-date software and understanding of the local and national legislation, Tier Consult Group is able to deliver comprehensive and cost-effective designs from the planning stage through to construction delivery.

Property Surveys

Tier Consult Group undertakes a wide variety of property surveys including structural and condition surveys of commercial and residential property.

Tier Consult Group also has the knowledge and capability to organise timber and asbestos surveys and have the in-house ability to undertake Anthrax and Lead Paint Surveys for those properties which are to be refurbished.

All reports are covered by a 6-year warranty and are assignable.

Principal Designer

Tier Consult Group provides Principal Designer services across a varied range of projects, although it can provide specialist advice in respect of demolition and industrial development within an operational environment.   As part of this service, Tier Consult Group provides operational and maintenance manual collation and advice following practical completion.  

Highway Access Design

Tier Consult Group provides technical design pods for both Section 278 and 38 highway applications and is well versed in the process required to obtain the necessary approvals to enable works to be carried out on the highway.

Tier Consult Group also undertakes Road Safety Audits where required and processes the results back into the design.

Pre-Cast Concrete Design and Development

Tier Consult Group have, for many years, been working alongside contractors to develop innovative precast concrete structural solutions, such as;
• Hybrid precast / insitu concrete ‘H’ frame car park structures
• Precast post-tensioned flat slabs
• Precast 2 storey column components
• Volumetric (factory assembled) accommodation units
• Integrated external balcony cladding panels
• CNC driven precast concrete mold production

Demolition Project Management

Tier Consult Group has project managed a number of demolition projects of various sites both in rural and City Centre settings.

Tier Consult Group carry out initial structural assessments and advise and organise surveys including asbestos and ecology.

Tier Consult Group offers advice on salvage operations and recycling materials back into the future development of the site.

Site Investigation and Remediation

Tier Consult Group, through their environmental arm, provides site investigation services, factual and interpretative ground investigation reports, together with recommendations on remediation and foundation strategy.  Refer to Tier Environmental link at the top of the page for more detailed information on the services provided.