In-House Environmental Capability

Tier Consult Group have in-house facilities for undertaking forensic contamination assessment of sites using their own environmental engineers. This ensures the correct chemical sampling requirements are taken from the soils and posted to the laboratory, providing both cost effectiveness and reduced timescales. Tier Consult Group have provided due diligence advice on a number of sites by way of limited intrusive investigations, in order to generate a better understanding of the contamination characteristics of a site and the potential risk to both on and off site receptors.

Specific capabilities are as follows :-

• Phase 1 desk studies and site walkovers

• Phase 2 intrusive contaminated land investigations

• Radon and landfill gas assessments and remedial design

• Remediation design and implementation

• Remediation project management and supervision

• Site abnormal assessments (earthworks and contaminated land) including Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment (DQRA)

• Land assessment of potential status as contaminated land and associated liabilities

• Environmental and Foundation Works Risk Assessment to comply with regulatory requirements

• Corporate reporting, social responsibility and sustainability

In-House Geotechnical Capability

Tier Consult Group have in-house facilities for undertaking forensic site investigation using their own on-site engineers. This enables logs to be recorded accurately with the necessary sampling obtained to ensure all analysis is fast tracked to the laboratory.  This allows for early reporting for foundation strategy and earth modelling by the Consultancy Team. 

Specific capabilities are as follows :-

• Geotechnical appraisals and ground investigations

• Shallow Mining investigation, including coal, ores and brine

• Pragmatic advice on cost-effective management of liabilities, considering wider business and regulatory requirements

• Earthworks cut and fill modelling and Material Management Plans (MMP)

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